Full-Service Electrical Contracting requires having the ability to perform quality preconstruction services, the ability to construct the project to the customer's specifications, as well as servicing and carrying-out postconstruction maintenance for the facility.

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Our process


We believe the key to a successful project is having quality preconstruction services.

Our project managers and team leaders understand the importance of each facility's specific operating rules and regulations. Preconstruction meetings and planning sessions are nothing new for us.

This is especially true for the food industry and we've become accustomed to operating under such conditions. Our assessments increase value and provide efficiency to help start off on the right track to a more efficient project.


The goal when designing for a customer is to allow them to save time, save money, and be versatile with changes throughout the build phase. By having in-house engineering, we enable our customers to have the ability to use creative solutions to their electrical challenges.

Our engineering department carries out all design, plan-checks and preconstruction necessary to allow the owner to optimize their budget. Whether in the area of automation, power, or pre-construction, we work to create a solution to fit your particular needs.


Build & Construct

We have over 23 years of electrical construction experience working with owners and contractors of various specialties. From small service calls to multi-phased projects on strict timelines and budgets, we have successfully completed jobs of all types.

All of our work is guaranteed and if you feel it wasn't completed properly the first time, we'll fix it. This is because we're confident we'll do the job right the first time and even exceed your expectations.