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Industrial Electrician using Fluke Meter to test harmonics and power quality

Understanding the Effects of Harmonics and Power Quality

May 15, 2024

Power quality is crucial for ensuring that your electrical equipment runs smoothly and determines the efficiency of your facility’s power system. Power quality essentially measures how consistent the electrical supply delivered to your devices is. One aspect that affects power quality is harmonics. Harmonics are unwanted electrical frequencies that distort the waveform of an electrical…

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How Frequently Should Your Commercial Generator be Exercised?

May 6, 2024

If your facility has been hit by a sudden power outage, leaving you scrambling to find that the backup generator won’t kick in or breaks down halfway through the outage? If you have then you know that productivity loss, sudden hazards, panic, and expensive repairs or replacements soon follow! That’s why having a reliable backup…

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How to choose the right industrial generator

Industrial Generators: Tips for Selecting the Right One for Your Facility

April 4, 2024

In today’s world, maintaining continuous power supply is critical for production and hazard prevention. Find out how to choose the right industrial generator.

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Arc Flash Studies: Why are they so Important?

March 12, 2024

When an accidental arc fault or short circuit occurs between live parts, the sudden discharge of energy leads to an arc flash. This sudden release in the form of heat and light, akin to an electrical explosion, generating a concussive pressure wave capable of propelling shrapnel. It is quantified in calories per square centimeter (Cal/cm2),…

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