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Signs Your Facility Needs a New Electric Motor

An electrician analyzes industrial electric motors

Everyone knows that electric motors can and do fail at unexpected moments due to wear and tear over time. Your facility’s efficiency, safety, and productivity rely on ensuring you recognize signs that it may be in a critical state. Identifying a deteriorating motor is necessary to prevent extended downtime and potential hazards. Here we’ll explore the signs that indicate a need for a new electric motor and how Diamond Bar Electric can facilitate uninterrupted operations for your facility.

Spotting Signs of Trouble with Your Electric Motor

Warning signs for an industrial motor breakdown often go unnoticed. Here are 5 of them you should pay attention to:

1. Catastrophic Failure

Sudden stoppages to your motor signifies an urgent need for repair or replacement. Often attributed to rising temperatures or mechanical glitches. Reasons for catastrophic failure can be overheating which leads to melted parts, or even issues with the frame or shaft of the motor.

2. Inspection Findings

Regularly self-inspecting your motor along with professional assessments are highly recommended. Professional assessments can extend the life of your motor. Or in the chance that they find its nearing failure you can avoid expensive downtime.

Electric Motors
Electric Motors

3. Overheating Components

Excessive heat within components is a significant contributor to catastrophic failure. Overloading an electric motor frequently stems from external factors. Should you find that a motor is running at a higher temperature than normal, immediate investigation is advised. Sustained operation of the electric motor under such conditions warrants consideration for replacement, once the root cause of the excessive load is addressed.

4. Vibrations

Rotating equipment must operate within specific vibration tolerances to avoid catastrophic failure of the electric motor and its load. Excessive vibration, akin to excessive heat, can render the motor irreparable, necessitating replacement along with interconnected components. Identifying the root cause of failures is crucial to prevent recurring issues, as simply replacing failed components may lead to further breakdowns. Routine inspections play a vital role in detecting signs of excess vibration or overheating, helping to maintain operational integrity and minimize downtime.

5. Subpar Performance

Dwindling efficiency, heightened vibrations, and incapacity to meet facility demands serve as indications of impending motor failure, necessitating expert consultation. When an electric motor functions correctly, you’ll notice minimal vibrations and safe component temperatures, allowing it to operate smoothly even during peak load times. Conversely, as an electric motor nears the end of its lifespan, it exhibits various issues, potentially struggling to meet the demands of your facility. In such cases, consulting with your electric motor manufacturer for replacement or servicing options is highly recommended.

Deciphering Repair versus Replacement

When confronted with motor malfunctions, various factors influence the decision to repair or replace:

  •    Cost of Downtime
  •    Availability of Products
  •    Feasibility of Repair
  •    Criticality of Application
  •    Root Cause of Failure

Diamond Bar Electric Support

With 37 years of experience and knowledge as a company, our team supports you through the decision-making process, making sure the best outcome for your equipment and facility are presented and constructed. From power distribution to rotating equipment, we furnish highly-researched solutions whether its for a design-build project or to retrofit equipment to align with your facility requirements.

Advantages of a Replacement Industrial Electric Motor

Investing in a new electric motor offers various benefits:

  • Factory Warranty: Extended coverage provides peace of mind and guarantees long-term reliability.
  • Reduced Downtime: New motors decrease unexpected downtime, expanding productivity along with customer satisfaction.
  • Energy Efficiency: Modern motors provide enhanced energy-efficiency, translating to savings on monthly energy expenses.

Recognizing the telltale signs of a failing electric motor is imperative for upholding facility efficiency and safety. By collaborating with Diamond Bar Electric, you gain access to expert counsel and solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Reach out to DBE today to ensure your facility operates at its peak with a dependable electric motor solution.

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