Our teams have the capability, stability, and experience to work under various project managers. We have contracted work for refrigeration companies, general contractors, and control & automation specialists to name a few.

Working for You

We work seamlessly with our customers to ensure we maintain the professional standards they expect on each job, whether its the facility or another contractor. Our project managers plan ahead and constantly maintain open lines of communication to ensure the job is completed on time and under budget.

Our reputation for quality installations has kept us at the top of the list for many builders. Ammonia refrigeration contractors appreciate our experience in the food industry which has kept our relationships thriving for decades.

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UL Approved Panels

Some contractors use our UL Approved Panel Shop to provide a product they couldn't otherwise manufacture on their own. We can supply fully compliant and customized panels for jobs of any size.

We provide a simple way to give your customers complete solutions for their facility.

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Building Partnerships

As a design-builder, we appreciate quality teamwork and know as a subcontractor the importance of working as a sub. You want someone who trully knows how to be a critical part of a team and take input throughout the design-build process.

We work to always deliver the highest quality and respect to all facilities DBE works on.


We have superior safety ratings and understand the importance of all jobsite safety orientations. Our foreman and field technicians attend regular in-house safety meetings and are reminded daily of the importance of all facility regulations.

Our guidelines for our employees have written consequences for not adhering to the policies. All employees are constantly reviewed and addenda are written to keep up with current standards and new equipment requirements


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