Advanced Process and Controls

With an analysis of your system, we can have you up and running with dramatically increased production in no time. Our improved systems usually pay for themselves through increased ROI in around 12-18 months.

By assessing areas of excessive consumption, excessive labor requirements, or overuse of raw materials we can increase profits and improve efficiency. These savings extend to your customers and provide higher ROI.

Systems Integration

Regardless of the type of system currently operating, we can integrate new equipment, controls, or even batch processing of whatever you need. Our System Integration Engineers are highly skilled and impressive even to the most qualified technicians.


If you're having issues with your PLC or HMI's, we have the capability to resolve many issues in minimal on-site time. We offer our troubleshooting service after hours on an emergency basis. Call our main line 24 Hours a Day / 7 Days a Week at (909) 860-6590.